Andrea Alessandro Giacomini

In 1998, while still studying, he joined the family company, Giacomini Spa, learning first to know it from the production side and continuing for all the different company areas. He then dealt with the study of a business reorganization plan of the industrial part, following indications from the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He graduated in 2000 at the Carlo Cattaneo University of Castellanza in business and marketing management, also obtaining criminal law exams, European Community and international law.

He is inserted in the Board of Llanos de Arico and Playa de Arico, Spanish companies of the Giacomini Group, dealing with public relations and contacts with the institutions of the Spanish Government for the development of a master plan in Tenerife of a virgin area of 3.5 million sq

In 2000 he joined Giacomini Spa and Giacomini Financial as a manager with roles of human resources manager, organization manager and manager of the Group’s hotel / tourist properties.

In 2002 he founded the G! Architecture with his father Alberto, in memory of the architect Giorgio Giacomini. With this company he starts and follows the project from the drafting to the realization of the H2Otel, the first self-sufficient building for energy and water plan, and the first building in the world opened to the public powered by hydrogen located in Orta San Giulio. The project was brought by the Piedmont Region to the European Parliament as the most advanced in Italy in the field of environmental respect, alternative energy and included as a more representative example of technological innovation in environmental respect during the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics alongside the hydrogen cars of the Fiat and the Pininfarina hydrogen scooters. In 2006 the shipyard still under construction is visited, given its innovative and technological relevance, by the European Parliamentarians referring to the environment and by the 12 Argentinean ministers who considered it a model project for their country

On 2002 he has been appointed Vice President of the AIN, Novara Industrial Association, following the development of territorial technological innovations and tourism promotion, where he remains in office for eight years, and is subsequently included in the Board of Directors of SIN, a control company of Novara. , which held the real estate and equity holdings of its assets. Collaborated in those years with the institutions for the study of a more advanced and ecological industrial settlement in the industrial area of Pogno.

He is a member of the Consorzio Cusio Turismo, an organization created to enhance more than one hundred buildings on Lake Orta. In that context he presides and carries out initiatives in the humanitarian, solidarity, sporting, artistic / cultural and culinary fields.

In 2005, retaining the aforementioned roles, he also assumed the role of Purchasing Manager of the Giacomini Group.

In 2007, G! Architettura inaugurated, under its supervision and direction, the industrial expansion of Giacomini SpA, the “Green Cube”. The first industrial production building powered by four types of alternative energy: solar thermal, photovoltaic, geothermal (with the installation of the deepest geothermal probe in Europe) and the hydrogen combustion.

In the same year, to express the skills and interrelationships gained in the international research centers and collaborations with Italian ministries of the environment, innovation and industry, he inaugurated the San Rocco Hotel New Classic Hydrogen Hotel.

Fashion, sanitary technology, radiant systems for heating and cooling, thermoregulation, electronics, lighting and furniture design make the Hotel San Rocco a real and tangible example of the true Made in Italy, tradition and innovation, following the philosophy of the companies of the entire Giacomini group.

In 2011, behind the input of Alberto Giacomini, he went to Houston to verify his father’s property and evaluate its potential development in synergy with what was the vision of the Founder of Giacomini SpA.

He then decided to transfer to the Building management the objective and future strategy to pursue in order to retrace what in the years back thanks to contacts, knowledge and skills he had already achieved in Europe with the ‘H2O hotel, the San Rocco New Classic Hydrogen Hotel , the “Green Cube” and the Master Plan of Tenerife.

This is how the project of creating the first “Italia” building in Texas was born, as a perfect interaction between innovation, technology and combined American and Italian cultures.

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