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Project Management

Project Management

One of the most important parts of every project is the bidding process. We inspect every aspect to make sure we meet all the goals pertaining to the project at the most reasonable and competitive cost.
In dealing with capital projects there is no room for error. By preparing a detailed plan and work schedule we avoid issues such as delays, mistakes, miscommunications, and so on. We actively enforce and manage each project through every phase ensuring quality work and time efficiency.
At the end of each project we will ensure the delivery of any and all types of warranties and/or guaranties where applicable, even years after completion.

Our team has the drive to face challenges and to take on innovative new ideas. In doing so we are proud to manage the first PACE program project for a commercial office property in Houston, Texas.


Project Management - Seth Eslami

With over 15 years in the industry, I bring a combination of academic rigor and hands-on experience to our company’s core services. My academic background has given me a keen analytical perspective and a structured approach to problem-solving, which I’ve applied across various domains:

Property Management & Asset Management: Leveraging my engineering acumen, I ensure optimal operational performance and value enhancement for our properties, while nurturing robust relationships with stakeholders and maintaining tenant satisfaction.

Project & Construction Management: My Civil Engineering knowledge has been instrumental in overseeing projects from concept to completion, precisely navigating the intricacies of construction, meeting stringent deadlines, and adeptly handling multiple tasks.

PACE Projects: I champion our Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) initiatives, fusing sustainable engineering principles with practical management to drive energy-efficient outcomes.

Over the years, my experiences across several continents have enriched my perspective, bringing diverse insights into the challenges we face in our industry. This global exposure has subtly influenced my approach, fostering a natural inclination for innovative solutions and collaborative problem-solving. As a member of our team, I am committed to integrating these learnings to contribute positively to our shared objectives and the company’s continued growth.

I welcome you to reach out to discuss how together, we can add significant value to your building and projects. I look forward to exploring the possibilities and contributing to your success.

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Stellar International Commercial Real Estate LLC is a privately held commercial real estate company in Houston, Texas. We are a diverse group of innovative individuals, who as a team are committed to developing and implementing ideas and strategies in the commercial real estate market.

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