Stellar Standards

We believe in providing a boutique hotel level service to our tenants. We also recognize that one of the most valuable assets of each property is its tenants so the success of the tenants will have an impact on the property and the owner. Knowing so, we try to create the ideal environment so the tenants can focus on their success. We see each property as a community and ourselves as a part of that community.

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Property Management
At Stellar International, we provide tailored services. Different properties require different services and different owners have different objectives. Learn more,
Project Management
There is no room for error in a Capital project; delays, mistakes, miscommunications, city permit issues and so on. Learn more.
Construction Management
We realize how important the construction cost and delivery of a space can be to both the owner and the tenant. Learn more.
Asset Management
Stellar International oversees property management operations to ensure compliance with annual budget guidelines. Learn more.


Commercial Real Estate

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      Stellar International Commercial Real Estate LLC is a privately held commercial real estate company in Houston, Texas. We are a diverse group of innovative individuals, who as a team are committed to developing and implementing ideas and strategies in the commercial real estate market.


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